Ensure Your Company Remains Safe with Degaussing Services

You can never keep your company to safe, this is especially true when you consider leaving information on an old hard drive can put your business in danger. That’s why you need hard drive degausser services that can protect the privacy of your customers, clients and employees. The relative term for degaussing is the process of eliminating or decreasing a remnant magnetic field. Basically, information is erased from tape, magnetic disks or any other type of storage device it’s magnetic. The name degaussing stems back to the 18th century and was named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician. The term gauss, which is a unit of magnetism, was named after him due to his early research within the field of magnetism.

Degaussing the Perfect Way to Eliminate Stored Data

When you’re looking for the perfect way to get rid of stored data on a hard drive, degaussing is the answer. There are professionals ready to offer you degaussing services that are extremely powerful and able to remove magnetic memory by changing the magnetic field where your data is stored. This will effectively destroy all data so that your company can remain safe. It’s important to note that when you have hard drives degaussed the process does not rely on any software. Degaussing services can also be used to permanently erase faulty or failed hard drives, as well.

Understand the Hidden Dangers of Keeping Data on Old Hard Drives

It is important for businesses to try to avoid dangers that are associated with stolen media or hard drives that were improperly overwritten and poorly erased. Your information can still be accessed which could turn into a disaster if you don’t implement trustworthy degausser solutions. There are actually many benefits when it comes to utilizing degausser solutions offered by specialists in the field.

Degaussing Benefits Include the Following:

  • The Ability to Meet CESG and NSA Requirements

  • Minimize Security Risks

  • Guaranteed Removal of Data

  • Reduction of Administrative Procedures

  • Downgrades Security Risks

Protect Your Company and Your Clients

Over all degaussing helps you protect your company and your clients by eliminating client information. You can also have backup tapes degaussed before you reuse them to further protect your company. Don’t waste time overwriting information, or trying to destroy magnetic media yourself, call the professionals to assist you with your endeavors. They have the tools, skills and knowledge needed to keep your company safe.

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