What Threat Do Surplus Electronics Present?

There are millions of pounds of electronic equipment that is putting corporations and other enterprises at risk. Most businesses just do not know what to do with their old electronics so they store them somewhere and forget about them but this is a huge security concern. That information that you pay to protect regularly remains on old hard drives and can easily be stolen. EPE Components has the solutions that will render your old electronics secure.

The Risk Factor

There is a great deal of risk in leaving surplus equipment in storage:

  • Theft is always a possibility
  • Inadvertently selling or donating the equipment with information on board still

Theft of surplus equipment is a lot easier than theft of equipment that is currently being used. In many cases the surplus equipment is not guarded or protected. Thieves can haul off the equipment and get vital information about clients and corporate processes. Many times, surplus electronics is given away or sold with information still intact. You pay to protect this information because it is so critical to your business, having it wind up in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. EPE Components can help to safeguard your critical information by helping you to properly dispose of the information sitting on the hard drive.

How We Do It

At EPE Components, we have the tools that can help you to ensure that your information is wiped clean from your hard drive. From a Degausser to a hard drive shredder to special hard drive disposal we take care of your old electronics to ensure that any information is completely wiped off the hard drive. To destroy a hard drive, you must Degauss the hard drive or shred it to ensure that all information is completely cleaned. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!

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