Quality Assurance

data decommission and recovery

Allows for high magnification photography of the internal die, manufacturer's logo and other internal features. This inspection is performed at a third party testing facility. epeComponents receives results for review, along with test house certficate of comformance and copies of the die pictures.

electrical testing

Perfomed to verify electrical specification from the original manufacturer's technical data sheets. Testing is outsourced to a third party test house. Results are provided to Electric Parts Exchange for review, along with the test house certificate of conformance, copies of the reports are delivered to the end customer.

inspection equipment

  • Full ESD gear in compliance with ANSI $20.20
  • Magnifying glass with light
  • Digital Cameras
  • Vacuum pens
  • Tapes and Reel counter
  • Weigh scale for small parts X-ray (RTX-113 Glenbrook systems)
  • Microscope - 40-50x with digital camera
  • ESD/Moisture barrier bags
  • Vacuum Sealer with desiccant and humidity indicators Bar code scanner
  • Picture Library of authentic parts
  • Roshs/PB detection