we believe every customers challenge is unique

At epeComponents we work closely with you to understand your needs and provide the right solution. Our customizable and integrated solutions help to eliminate cost associated with shortages, excess materials and database turnovers.

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obsolete or hard to find products

Don't loose time and money during production. epeComponents will source your necessary components and ensure the accuracy and quality of all parts. Through our proprietary database specialists have access to components no longer manufactured and only available through certified resellers. Our team will has established procurement partners around the Globe.


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secure enterprise datacenter recovery

With millions of tons of serviceable electronic equipment go offline every year and those assets still have value, but only if they are handled properly. Potential liabilities involve data security, the environment, regulatory compliance and risk management can threaten your business and limit your ability to recoup IT investments from used and surplus equipment.

data recovery

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excess inventory

epeComponents offers comprehensive material disposition services to help our customers manage excess costs and financial impacts associated with excess material inventory write-downs. We offer Straight Purchase, Onsite Consignment & Inclusion, Exclusive Marketing, and Purchase/Consulting Agreement.

inventory management