Utilize the Many Advantages of Degaussing

Does the turn degaussing sound confusing? It’s actually a term used for the process of destroying data that has been magnetically recorded. A strong electromagnetic field is used for the destruction of data on hard drives as well as other devices that magnetically record data. Ancient hard drives may not have needed degaussing, but modern hard drives tend to have a thicker shielding and require a stronger electromagnetic field to make sure data is completely erased. When you use professional degaussing services you are assured that any data you have stored on an old hard drive will be effectively eliminated. A degaussing machine also has the ability to destroy other types of components in a hard drive that would also make it difficult to be reused. When you want to significantly compromise data security it’s time to degauss the hard drive.

Degaussing Advantages Include the Following:

  • The Capability to Destroy Data on a Hard Drive

  • Destroys Any Data on Other Magnetic Media Devices

  • The Process of Degaussing Is Quick

  • Degaussing Protects You, Your Clients and Your Employees

Safely Eliminate Old Data

Degaussing machines are actually quite expensive. It doesn’t pay for company to invest in their own machine simply because you may not find that you need to use it as often as it would take to have the machine pay for itself. That’s why it’s important to hire degaussing specialists that understand how to use the equipment safely. They also understand how to explain the process to their clients so you have a full understanding of their services. Degaussing itself is a quiet, easy and quick process that allows you to keep complete control of sensitive data. It is 100% effective even if the hard drive you want erased is damaged. You will also have the ability to fully recycle hard drive components once they have been degaussed.

Degaussing: A Cost-Effective Data Security Solution

Such a cost-effective service is a great erasure solution. Just make sure you’re using an experience company that offers degaussing services. Companies that also specialize in operating solutions and providing electronic components will have the inside track concerning degaussing solutions. They will also have all of the degaussing equipment needed to handle different types of magnetic fields that need to be erased. Don’t let your company continue to be at risk, have your hard drives effectively degaussed as soon as possible.

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